The Fashion Collaborative

I'm launching a new post series... The Fashion Collaborative.

This is often how I work when I'm beginning a new project - I pull out an image that appeals (often a fashion photograph) and build an interior scheme around it.  It's one of the most creative ways I know to continually come up with fresh and inspiring interiors, not to mention a seriously fun exercise to undertake.  By looking at the various colour combinations and compositions, I can develop my own take on a particular palette.

Today's scheme is courtesy of the Louis Vuitton Cruise Ad Campaign

The Images:

The Interior Scheme:

Carpet: Belgian Light Heather Sisal (Natural Floorcoverings Centres)
Paint (L-R): Stowe White, White Watsonia, Bogart (Dulux Paints)
Laminates (L-R): Malt, Mountain Pepper, Tulip Spruce, Cinnamon Spruce (Polytec)
Fabrics (L-R): 7826 Pewter (Harlequin), 1006 Sophia (Harlequin), 6606 Karelian 418 Glacier (Mokum Textiles), Dandelion Clocks Chaffinch (Sanderson), Husk Driftwood (Warwick Fabrics)

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The Fashion Collaborative
The Fashion Collaborative
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