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My vintage typewriter sits on a shelf in the kitchen for all the world to see (...because where else in the house would you keep a typewriter?!) but rarely moves except on the odd occasion when I decide to clean it... a job that I will gladly give to Leo as punishment one of these days when he's old enough!  I see it so often as I walk in and out of the kitchen, that I have almost forgotten how much I adore it.  

So I have decided that today is 'Appreciate Your Forgotten Favourite Possessions Day' and I encourage you all to unearth your treasured keepsakes, hold them, stroke them and recapture the joy you felt when you first bought them home.


P.S.  My apologies for the bombardment of my own photos lately but I have excruciatingly slow internet this week and can't browse the web for yummy content :(

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Just My Type
Just My Type
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