Lament of The Second Hand Rose

Did you know, that here in Australia we don't have Flea Markets?  Well we try to, only our attempts fall short of anything you might find in France or the rest of Europe.  It's a tragedy beyond all comprehension for vintage lovers like me who dream of trawling through endless stalls of fabulously old stuff!  

As far as I can see, our lack of vintage splendour comes from a combination of three things:- we have a tiny population really (only 22.5 million people), we have a relatively short European history (we were settled by the English in 1788) and our culture is more focused on the latest and greatest (in other words, the majority of people abhor anything old).  Oh, and did I mention the fact that we are SO FAR AWAY from the rest of the world?!

Enough whining... Australia is a beautiful country, rich in natural treasures... just a pity we have to trek thousands and thousands of miles, across deserts, mountains and oceans to find a pretty little trinket for the hall console!

Images of Monmartre, Clignacourt Flea Market courtesy of Vintage & Whisker
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Lament of The Second Hand Rose
Lament of The Second Hand Rose
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