But not enough, since I only have space for five here. To get the full effect of yesterday's adventures, you need to go see the album I just posted on my facebook page. If you're not on facebook, why not? It's not just for kids anymore! If you want to befriend me there, and you are not someone I know personally, be sure and let me know you are a Seasonality-reader, so I won't ignore your request.

So, here you see Alexis on the way upstairs to her new abode. It looks to me like there was originally a little craftsman-style bungalow on this nice-sized property, with a garage out back that had maid's quarters above it. The garage was turned into one two-story duplex, and another was added on to the back of the original house. The landlord is in Marble Falls, not on site, so even the main house is rented out now, and most of the units have multiple people sharing them, to make them more affordable.

There are lots of gorgeous old trees on the property, which gives Lex's upstairs aerie the feeling of a treehouse. There is also a nice shared courtyard, with firepit and chairs gathered round, and even two raised-bed veggie gardens! Not sure who they belong to, but maybe if Lex volunteers to help, she can snag some free booty.

Other than a few bruises, Lex's multiple blisters from hours of screwing Ikea furniture together, and my unfortunate discovery that my truck's AC no longer works, it was a very good day. I think she's gonna love it here.
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