Please Can I Be 8 Again?

It should surprise you none that I had a ridiculously girly bedroom growing up, complete with pink walls, a brass bed and a careful arrangement of stuffed toys wearing hand-knitted outfits. At the age of about eight, I put forward a decorating proposal to my mother, selected two different pink paint colours (one for above the picture rail, and one for below) and set about transforming my room into a version of perfection that was a little bit Beatrix Potter and a whole lot Barbie. I clearly remember the first night I spent in my freshly painted room (slightly perturbed that the lamp light was making the walls appear apricot) and the feeling of wonder as I lay there looking around at the realisation of my dream... and so a love of decorating was born.

Here are some little girls rooms that make me wish I was right back in 1985, admiring the way my dusty pink walls complimented Barbie's all-in-one satin jumpsuit. Happy days x

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Please Can I Be 8 Again?
Please Can I Be 8 Again?
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