Yesterday should have been the most boring day ever, but wasn't. I hate the weekends when John's not around. They really shouldn't feel any different from my weekdays, now that my work is here at home, but they do. On weekdays I feel lucky to be home alone. On weekends I just feel...alone.

Lex and I were planning to meet up, take in a movie, but she ended up having to work, so what was I to do on a hot, sunny Saturday? Go to a farmers' market? Go fetch a truck-load of compost? Work in the garden? Knit some presents? Finish changing out my closet? Paint that dang wall? Rework those dang bookshelves? Well, at least the bookshelves were inside, where there was AC!

One thing I found, in that pile of stuff from the townhouse, was a couple of fabric-covered photo albums which coordinated nicely with my bedroom decor - the kind with slotted loose-leaf plastic sleeves for pages. They were each no more than a quarter full - one with photos from the nursery where I worked, the other with landscaping projects. All of that seems from another life now - one I can't see myself ever returning to - so into the trash the photos went.

While staring at the bookshelves, wondering where to start, my eyes fell upon a whole shelf-full of those horrible photo albums from the 70's and 80's - the ones with the thick cardboard pages and the "magnetic" film that is supposed to peel back, only after a while, it doesn't. I hate those suckers! That's when it occurred to me that about five of those albums could fit into one of these modern ones.

Soooo, that's what I did...all day yesterday...and some of today. My back is aching, and my fingernails are bloody (multiple puncture wounds from trying to peel a thousand photo corners away from their gummy backing), but what fun I had, day-trippin' through the 70's!

Now it's on to the 80's!

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  • Under the dryer - trying to make curly hair look straight
  • Discovering Wimberley - dorm advisors get sent to 7-A Ranch
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