John and I are celebrating our 35th year of wedded bliss this week, and I bet I got something that no one else you know has ever got for their anniversary - a robot clock! (I got it early, because once John buys something for me, he can't stand to wait for me to open it.) It's made out of kitchen bits and pieces, which is fairly apropos, since it's hanging in my kitchen. Is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I know she's a she, the label said so. Plus, there are two subtle hints just above the clock face. There was a he that went with her, too...and an octopus.

I have to get creative when it comes to finding gifts for John. For one thing, I have very limited funds now that I'm not working for money, and I have a thing about him paying for his own gifts (yes, I know it's all "our money" but it still bugs me). Then there's the fact that the only things he loves are electronics, which I know nothing about, and if there's anything out there he doesn't already have, it's only because he doesn't really want it. So what's a girl to do?

After racking my brain for the last several weeks, it finally came to me in a flash this morning. There is a little flower bed at the front of our townhouse, which I always kept full of flowers and changed out seasonally, as long as I was still living there. John has tried to replace the plants several times, but he doesn't know what plants need what conditions, or how to amend the soil before replanting, and everything always dies. I keep telling him not to worry about it, just leave it alone. Empty is better than dead. Last several times I was there, every time he came back in from fetching the mail he'd be all sad and whiney about his crappy looking flower bed. I guess he really misses the flowers. Soooo, my plan is to sneak into Houston earlier than he's expecting, stop in at the nursery for a bunch of bullet-proof heat lovers and a bag of revitalizer compost, and let him be totally blown away when he gets home from work and goes out to check the mail. What d'ya think?
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