It's finally here! Today's the big day -- when our Lexie realizes her dream of having a wee place in a hip part of Austin. She sold what little furniture she had before leaving California, so she's pretty much starting from scratch here. She was hoping to be able to upgrade to an adult-sized bed this time, at least a queen, but when she started pricing mattress sets she almost fainted. In the end she decided to try and make do with an air mattress temporarily, until John lets go of the townhouse, at which time she can inherit a nice king-sized set for free!

Our first stop this morning will be the very cool vintage decor shop that she discovered right here in Wimberley, where an uber-hip mid-century desk and two end tables (all purchased for a song!) are being held for her. Hopefully they won't be too heavy for she and I to get up the stairs on our own. Ikea delivered her two big bedroom chests yesterday, and the livingroom came pre-furnished by her roomies, so mostly we'll just be moving boxes (thank heavens!).

Speaking of the roomies, Lex still hasn't met or talked to either of them, even though she's been over there a lot lately, what with shampooing carpets, waiting on deliveries, etc. I guess the guy she sublet from wasn't kidding when he said they were rarely around. Nice!

Well, wish us luck - for my old truck to start, even though I haven't driven it in weeks. Otherwise, I guess we'll be renting a U-Haul. Be back later, with pictures!
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