When we were at the festival this weekend, I was chatting with the people next to me about the long lines, and our fear that everyone would be out of food before we made it to the front of the line. Then I smiled and said, "Oh well. As long as I get a couple of good photos for my blog, it won't be a total loss." To which the young lady replied "You've got a blog? I love reading blogs! What's it about?" ARRGH! There it is again, that question that always gives me so much grief!

Despite all the effort some of you put into helping me come up with an "elevator pitch", I still get brain freeze whenever someone asks me that question - which is why John was so shocked to walk up just then and hear us talking about it. I almost never mention it to strangers, for that very reason! As usual, I hemmed and hawed, then rambled about saying "Well, it's about living the good life here in the Hill Country, and about our transition from big city suburbanites to Hill Country Characters. It's about all the interesting places we discover, and the people we meet, and... Somehow I managed to interest her enough to ask for my card, but still...

So, remind me again please. What are the most critical items I should cover when asked this, in that tiny window allowed me before their eyes start to wander or glaze over? If you will help me out once more, I promise that this time, I will practice reciting it over and over in front of a mirror, until it's forever etched in my brain!
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