As I mentioned in my Gypsy Picnic post, Austin is the dog lovin'est town in Texas. Houston passed laws where you can't even have leashed dogs on the sidewalks, deck or patio of a cafe. In Austin, however, people wouldn't think of going to brunch on Sunday without their beloved pets. Or to a festival. I'm fairly certain there were almost as many dogs at the Gypsy Picnic as there were humans.

Walking back to the parking garage afterwards, we noticed that one whole block of 2nd Street had been cordoned off, and there were lots of people milling around, so we decided to check it out. Turns out we had stumbled upon the Barkitecture extravaganza, an event where local architects, builders and interior designers compete to build the ultimate doghouse. All are then auctioned off to benefit several animal rescue groups. They even have a doggie fashion show.

A doghouse complete with green roof and water catchment system? Only in Austin!
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