Two of the Muses and I went on Wimberley's annual home tour yesterday and, as usual, I was blown away. Not by the perfection of each house, but more by the variety, and by the fact that there are so many hidden away in every nook and cranny of these hills, but you would never know they were there unless you were given directions and wen't lookin' for 'em!

Our first stop was a Six. Thousand. Square. Foot. Weekend Place! Great views (the girls are standing where a Polaris dropped us off, after ferrying us up their driveway), but very sterile and minimalist. All bare concrete and glass. I'm pretty sure it's a requirement that all big-city-Texas-attorneys possess a "Hill Country Showplace."

Next stop was probably that first couple's worst nightmare, but I bet their grandkids just love 'em to death! This couple are collectors, and they start decorating for Christmas in October every year. Each room of their small retirement home gets a tree and a theme, including the laundry room, and is then populated with thousands upon thousands of Santa dolls and figurines which they have gathered from all over the world. Can't breathe! Must get air!

There were a couple of houses that had the ubiquitous "suburban model home" look, but eventually we came to one overlooking a spillway on Cypress Creek, where I found myself thinking "Ahhh, this is more like it! I could easily live here." Our little brochure said "In the 1930s this summer retreat was built as two 'double-rock wall' cabins with a breezeway between. Major reconstruction in the mid-1980's resulted in the current single structure." Even so, it was still very low-ceilinged and dark. But then the current owners came along and worked their magic, transforming it into a cozy bungalow filled with light and color! If only they had allowed us to take photos inside of the houses. The few I managed to sneak of the outside just do not do it justice! Know what the best thing about this place is? It's in spittin' distance of the town square! So, if I lived here, not only could I enjoy great views and the sound of rushing water, and meditate beneath a thousand year old cypress tree, I could even live that walking-lifestyle that I've always coveted!

Our last stop was a "Man-oh-man, if only I could live here!" kinda place, but I'm gonna save that one for tomorrow. Plus, there's one more I've yet to see. TTFN!
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