Sheesh! This yo-yo weather we've been having is killing me! Second day in a row to be awakened by a raging sinus headache. Unfortunately, today it was at 3:13 a.m., and there was no getting back to sleep after that. The upside is that, since I was up much earlier today, I was able to medicate sooner this time, which means getting a handle on the pain sooner.

Yesterday I was still fighting the nausea when I got back from working out and lunch, so I distracted myself with a sappy Christmas movie based on a Debbie Macomber book called Mrs. Miracle (and yes, for you Serenity/Firefly fans, that's our favorite female mechanic playing the lead). To compensate for my decadence, instead of fast-forwarding through each commercial break, I forced myself to get up and wrap a couple of presents each time. It's amazing how many can get done that way, during just one movie! By the time it was over, the meds had finally kicked in, and I was able to get on with my day.

Hmmm, what with getting up at three this morning, I'd imagine I'm going to be pretty wiped out by the time I get home from Zumba this afternoon. I have a feeling I may well need a bit more "movie therapy" by then, dontcha think? (If I can keep my eyes open, that is.) Well, one good thing about these headaches is, if you ever want to know when the weather is due for a dramatic shift, just give me a call. I have a fail-proof barometer!

P.S. Many thanks to itsawonderfulmovie.blogspot.com for the image above.
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