One last meet-up in the hotel courtyard before checking out.
On Saturday we checked out of our hotel and drove over to the area of the old Pearl Brewery.  When my daughter and I made a trip out there a year or so ago, the place had seemed pretty dead, but not so this time!  Guess we just chose the wrong day of the week.  On Saturdays, that place is a-hoppin'!
There were chocolate croissants to be tasted, and some dang good Cajun music to put a little pep in our step...

demonstrations to watch, and food purchases to be made...

a couple of neat shops to explore, including a cookery shop with a Mexican flair, and a great little bookshop that was hosting story time to a SRO crowd...
and of course, there was lunch to be had!  We opted for Mexican street food at La Gloria's this time, but there was also an Italian place I've heard good things about, which opens at 8:30 for those early morning shoppers in need of cappuccinos and sustenance, and a place called Sam's Burger Joint that definitely needs to be checked out.

Once we'd had our fill, we piled back into our cars and headed to a little town about 20 minutes south of there, to see the new home that the Sanfords son and his wife just bought, and where their first grandchild is expected before the end of the month.  My one wish for them, and for my own children, is that they too will someday have friends such as these, who manage to stay connected to them, no matter where, or how often, they might roam!
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