Earlier this summer I accused this new plant of hanky-panky, because new babies with similar long, slender leaves were popping up all around it.  Turns out I jumped the gun, and the evidence was purely circumstantial.

Once the babies grew a bit larger,  and began to bloom, I realized that I had pointed my finger in the wrong direction.  Instead, it should have been pointed waaaaaaay over there, to the far opposite corner of the Cantina Garden.

It should have been pointed at this Butterfly Milk Weed plant (Asclepias tuberosa) -- a favorite food of the Monarch butterfly -- one which I planted over a year ago, but no longer have.  Neither it nor the Esperanza plant next to it survived that long, hard freeze we had in February.  Guess they caught some of those NW winds that can come in on that side of the garden.  Before she croaked, though, Momma must have sent out lots of little seedlings, told them to find a better place to live.  I think she'd be quite happy to see how well they are all doing over on the far side of the garden.
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