Sorry for the silence yesterday.  Did you think I went AWOL?  Well, I did, sort of, but that's not why you didn't get your Friday post.  You can blame that on an unlucky equipment driver over at Meyer's Construction.  You see, at about 6:00 AM I tried to get a drink of water, but nothing came out of the tap.  My first thought was that the rain tank had finally gone dry.  But then I thought, no, that can't be.  Last time I checked it was still up to chest level on me.  Then I thought, crap, there's something wrong with our pump.  I went in to break the news to hubby, who was still in bed.

I was surprised to find him awake.  He said "No, it's not the pump.  It's the power.  The whole house just went dead, including my C-Pap machine."  Ah!  That would explain why he was awake.  We hadn't heard any of the loud pops which usually accompany a transformer blowing, so we assumed they had started doing some rolling blackouts to help deal with the extra burden this extreme heat has placed on the system.  We thought surely things would be back on in an hour.  OK, then two hours.  Well surely in three!  John finally went out to cruise the neighborhood, and see if anyone knew what was going on.  Turns out somebody knocked over an electrical pole over at Meyer's, and it was gonna take some time to get it fixed.

We were due to head out to San Antonio, for a meet up with Paula and Tim, around 11:00.  I was really hoping to take a shower, wash my hair, do some dishes, maybe even flush the toilet before we left, but by 10:00 we said forget this!  No point sitting in this oven any longer, when we could be in an air conditioned car, on our way to a nice hotel and the shady Riverwalk!  We just got back a few minutes ago, and luckily, the power was back on.  Also, I don't see any giant blobs of melted and re-frozen ice in the freezer, so hopefully the power wasn't off long enough for any of our food to spoil.  Woohoo! 

More about our uber-fun weekend to come...
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