Yesterday was a fun day, from start to finish.  My only complaint was that it was so jam-packed, I never had more than a minute to work on my Seasonal Cooking Notebook, which has become my latest obsession, nor did I get to spend any time reading my Tana French thriller, which I must finish before I can jump into The Dirty Life, and the 100 other books that are calling to me. 

Also, I have got to get these two tea cozies finished, so I can get started on some of that fun stuff pictured above!  They are the last of those that I promised to send off, as part of a facebook meme, several months back.  The blue one was the very first one I started knitting, using yarn I already had.  I was so excited because I knew the recipient had gorgeous Mexican tile on all her countertops, in that gorgeous dark blue that ripples throughout the skein.  Unfortunately, I was half-way finished when I realized I might not have enough yarn, and none of the shops I searched still carried that particular color.  Arrgghh!  Then I remembered this scarf I knitted out of the very same yarn, which I always thought was overly long anyway.

I was just finishing up a post for Miss Becky Goes Abroad when hubby came and sat on the edge of the bed near me, and waited patiently for me to reach a stopping place.  He doesn't do that unless he has something important to say.  I stopped typing!  "You know how I was planning to go hang out with my brother in Ohio this October, while Prisi is away at some workshop?" he asked.  "Well, I've been thinking.  Since that will be so close to your birthday, and since I'd already be three quarters of the way there, what if we were to meet in New York right after that, maybe take in a few shows?"  Let's hear a "Yee-Haw 'n Heck Yeah!"

By the time we finished discussing that, I needed to throw on some clothes , clean up the kitchen, and head out to deliver Lexie's Art Chair to Arts From The Heart, which she had dropped of the previous day.  Dang, I hated to give it up.  It looked awful snazzy sittin' in my living room -- gave it a certain je ne sais quois.  I was itchin' to see what some of the other local artists had come up with, and I wasn't disappointed.  There were some doozies!  If I still had young 'uns at home, I would definitely be bidding on that rocket ship chair.

After a lunch taco to keep up my strength, a few errands, and a quick change into workout togs, I was off to my Zumba class (yes, I still love it!) and a grocery run.  I had just got everything put away, figured out what I would cook for dinner, and was settling down at the computer to work on that notebook, when hubby came to perch on the edge of the bed again.  I stopped typing.  "Ya know, if you were to hurry and get cleaned up, we could just make the 4:00 showing of Cowboys and Aliens over in San Marcos, maybe grab a bite to eat afterwards." 

Have I ever told you how much I love having a spontaneous, fun-loving hubby, who will never allow me to get too tied down to my boring schedules and routines?
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