My parents played a little game each day. When Dad got home from work, he'd ask "What did you do today?" After Mom's exhaustive listing of her day's activities, he'd reply"That took fifteen minutes. What about the rest of the day?"

This could be why I adore a week when I've really accomplished something, even if it's just an overdue cleaning or sorting task, and abhor letting a chunk of time slip through my fingers, with little to show for it. Nothing puts me in a funk like wasted time. Wasted anything!

Of course, I realize that Dad was just trying to be funny, but in the back of my mind, half of me is still expecting someone to pop in at any moment, and hold me accountable for time wasted. The other half is in firm agreement with whoever it was who said "The most important requirement for creativity is time for noodling." Time for noodling? What is that, you ask? Well, it's what I do here on the porch each morning, or whenever I'm wandering around on one of my creative excursions - what Julia Cameron refers to as "Artist's Dates." To the casual observer, it might appear that I am doing absolutely nothing, just "killing time", but they couldn't be further from the truth. All the activity just happens to be taking place inside my head. Without noodling, there would be no stories, no blog, no wonderful vignettes or color combinations, no Cantina Garden, no Bountiful Sprout, no good life in the Hill Country, and most certainly, no euphoria.

Still, the common sense half of me demands balance. This half gets very disgruntled if I slip too far into my head, and ignore her need for order and simplicity. Creative Becky is dreading the family reunion that is being hosted here next month, but Common Sense Becky is tickled pink. She knows that it is only when an event such as this is looming, that she is allowed the upper hand. Finally she will have enough power to get shit done around here, and if anyone just happens to drop in and ask for a reckoning, she'll be more than ready for them! First item on her agenda? That gol' darn porch!
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