If you have ever seen my husband's eyes, it will come as no surprise to you that I am a sucker for big brown basset hound eyes, or that Ringo Starr was my favorite Beatle.

Back before my mother-in-law Theda took up

woodcarving (sometime in her 60s) she was a painter, and waaaaay back when my hubby was about five years old, she decided to paint a picture of him. As any artist must, she first spent some time studying her subject. A bit too much time, for his liking. One morning he looked up from his Wheaties and told her "Mom, I'm fed up with you staring at me all the time. This has got to stop!"

The painting above was the result of this most uncomfortable period in his life. He's not too crazy about it himself, but it has always been one of my most treasured possessions. Look at those faces! Same ol' puppydog eyes...same little angelic/satanic grin (so hard to tell which). I have no idea where we will hang it once we clear out the townhouse, but I promise you, I will find a place - even if it's on the ceiling above our bed!
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