I had the most startling revelation this morning. Apparently, we are no longer addicted to condiments! I was thinking about scrambling some eggs for breakfast, which I rarely do anymore, and that got me to wondering if there was any salsa or catsup in the fridge. Yes, there was, but both were wildly out of date - by a year or two! How did this come to pass? I mean, we're talking about a gal who used to buy new bottles of each just about every time she went to the store! In fact, when I posted that little "How We Met" story the other day, my now infamous roomie sent me a message saying "I knew John was falling for you when little dishes of catsup started showing up at breakfast, since you were the only girl in all three dorms who put catsup on scrambled eggs!"

Another college friend, upon seeing me grab the bottle at dinner, announced "Studies show that people who use an excessive amount of condiments never really liked their mothers' cooking." When I thought about it, I realized she was probably right. Though Mom was great at baking sweets and fixing party food, she was less than inspired when it came to the everyday drudgery of feeding a family of six, and by the time I was in high school, she had given up cooking altogether. John must have had youthful food issues as well, because he couldn't eat a meal without dousing it in A-1, Worcestershire, or tabasco.

Still, that didn't explain why those habits stayed with us for so many years afterwards, despite all the effort I put into recipe collecting, menu planning and grocery shopping, then suddenly disappeared in the last five, unless... Could it be the ingredients I was using, rather than what I was cooking? Was it really as simple as making the switch from packaged, processed, low fat, low flavor ingredients, to those like we received in this week's Bountiful Sprout basket -- real food, straight from real farmers, that needs nothing more than a few sprigs of real herbs, a dab of real butter or really good olive oil and a touch of real wine? Has that really caused such a flavor explosion in our meals, that our palates are finally satisfied, and we no longer feel compelled to drown or disguise everything we eat? Try it, and see what you think.
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