Did you think I forgot about you? Never! First I was in Houston for a few days, then I came home to no internet service last night. This morning, after resetting my router, I had internet again, but blogger was down. For eight hours!

So, at last, here are a few snippets from my weekend - things that put a smile on my face. First there was a pretty good book on tape to help pass the time on the drive down. It had a back-story revolving around life in Russia under Stalin and during WWII. Odd coincidence since I am also reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, and just watched the movie Frida again, both of which deal with Stalin, Trotsky, the war, and revolution in general. I do so love a good historical novel. I learn so much more from them than I ever did in history class!

Next up was doing the carload of laundry I brought with me (which saved me a trip to the laundromat), loving on my grandpuppy, whom we were babysitting, eating some good food, and just enjoying my hubby's company as we read and watched a couple of movies. Oh yeah! And I finally picked up that washcloth again - the one I started knitting more than a year ago, while John was in the hospital. Or was it when my sister had her surgery? Oh, who knows? Who cares? As long as it gets finished, right?

That's my weekend in a nutshell. Now tell me about yours! What put a smile on your face this weekend?
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