Tell me, what could possibly be better than this? I wandered into the library this week because I had gone online the night before to put some books on reserve, but the computer kept telling me the number I had entered was invalid. I tried several times, but always got the same answer. Then I tried my original card number, the one I thought I had lost but later found. Same result. When I got to the library they checked the system and found I wasn't there at all, under either number. For some reason, I just didn't exist. I had been erased. Deleted. Kicked out. I know this doesn't seem like cause for giddiness, but wait.

The result was that I had to start over from scratch - reapply, then wait while they re-entered all of my information and issued me another card. While I was waiting, I wandered over to the "New Releases" shelves to give them a once over. I was just about to walk away when something made me freeze in my tracks. What was that down on the lower shelf? Was there a book jacket showing a small girl picking lavender? Wonder who it's by? So I turned around, squatted down, and took a closer look. What to my wondering eyes did appear? The name of one of my all-time favorite memoirists, author of 1,000 Days in Venice, 1,000 Days in Tuscany, The Lady in the Palazzo, and That Summer in Sicily, Marlena de Blasi! So, I ask you, what could be more exciting than finding a brand new book you'd heard nothing about, this time a novel, by one of your favorite authors, when you'd been thinking it might be years before she wrote anything else, if ever! It was all I could do not to squeal out loud and do a little victory dance, right there in the middle of the library!

So, here's what's on my reading table right now. Won't you please tell us what's on yours? What's the best thing you've read recently?
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