I have a new toy.  When we went to the image transfer workshop at my friend Martha's house recently, I fell madly in love with a couple of old wooden trays she had.  The larger one, which was probably used by some manufacturer to keep his supplies sorted, was being used as a curio cabinet on her wall.  The small one looked more handmade, as if it might have been used on some man's tool bench long ago, to sort nuts and bolts, or in his wife's utensil drawer.  It can frequently be found in the background of Martha's artwork, for it is a wonderful way to display the various knick-knacks and images that she photographs for her transfer pieces.

After three years of typing this blog at a desk with no keyboard tray, my body was starting to complain.  The problem was finding a proper computer desk that I thought was even half as pretty as what I had.  Finally John found one on-line that I didn't hate, and we ordered it.  It is certainly easier on my neck and arms, but not only is the desk surface much smaller, the two tiny drawers hold absolutely nothing!

A couple of days later a Pottery Barn catalog showed up in the mail.  Know what was in it?  A big divided wooden tray, just like the one Martha had hanging on her wall.  It occurred to me that it would be a great way to display, not only some favorite bits of old McCoy pottery and various knick-knacks that were cluttering up my few available table surfaces, but also the business card holders, paper clip dish and marker pots that I no longer had room for on my desktop.

Apparently, Dear Hubby has a few ideas of his own.  I reminded him that it was my cabinet.  He just grinned and said, "Yeah, but it's on MY side of the bed!
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