After my Valentine's post about the four love dialects, several people sent me links to related books and articles.  One talked about five love languages, and even had a little quiz you could take, to see which languages you best understood.  I could never resist a good magazine quiz!

It came as no surprise that #1 with me was verbal affirmation, with favors and deeds being hot on its heels.  Want me to be putty in your hands?  Clean a toilet.  Grab a dish towel.  Take out some trash!  What was surprising was the thing at the very bottom of my list, receiving gifts -- especially when you consider what a wonderful gift-giver my hubby is!  But, maybe not so surprising if you delve into family history.  You see, it's not that I don't like his gifts.  It's more that, somewhere back in my childhood, I was taught not to trust them.  They aren't always a true indicator of a persons feelings.

We had this one relative, when I was growing up, who was forever being showered with gifts.  She always had the biggest pile at Christmas; her gifts were always the most beautifully wrapped; you wouldn't dare not honor her on any of the official Hallmark occasions; and, we wouldn't even consider going anywhere, or doing anything the least bit fun, without bringing her a momento or souvenir.  Was it because she was just so adorable we couldn't resist?  Nah.  I'd say it was more akin to appeasing the gods -- tossing young virgins into the volcano so it won't erupt.

Soooo, alas for poor hubby, though I do appreciate his generosity, I learned this lesson early on: one should always look a gift-horse in the mouth!

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