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Platform Beds - Long Lasting Or Throw Away Furniture

By:Gholy Snse
It's been said that no idea is original anymore, and that's usually the case, even in terms of the bedding that we use today. Ancient Egypt and Rome show evidence of having created the first platform beds, and though they've just come into heavy popularity today, they are certainly not the first of their kind. However, with modern techniques and building methods today, one may wonder just how much improvement has been made on the original design. Are modern platform beds high quality items that can be expected to last through the years, or will they have to be frequently replaced as have some other trendy designs in the past?
Fortunately, we are not stuck in the dark ages with limited technology, and the modern platform is actually a very sturdy, reliable bed. Purchasing wood platform beds adds both style and long-term potential to your bedroom needs, with the décor adding to the personality of the bed as opposed to a large, imposing piece of furniture creating an atmosphere around which everything else must revolve. As a basic design element, this bed is more than just a slab of wood on the floor - most platform beds are built to last and to adapt to the environment and design of your choice.
Other king wood beds tend to be overwhelming, especially in a tight bedroom space. With these less intrusive and intricate pieces, less room is needed, and the piece even appears smaller, saving room for other furniture and decorations without making the space feel as though it's cramped quarters. The beds have a minimal amount of construction work that involves fewer pieces, meaning there are less joints, screws, bolts, and components to come loose over time. Wood versions are thick and supportive so there is little worry of bending, bowing, and sagging of the mattress.
If purchased separately, platform beds will match almost any furniture you already have, which is good since they are high quality and long lasting in most cases. If you buy everything together, many contemporary bedroom sets now contain a platform bed as opposed to some of the older or classic popular styles. While these beds come in a wide range of prices, you need to balance what you spend with what you can expect from the bed. If you overpay, you'll regret having dropped too much money when you could have gotten something just as good for a little less. On the other hand, sparing too much expense can result in losing that long lasting quality you desire.
Whether you are considering platform beds for your master bedroom furniture or another room in the house, they are excellent pieces of furniture. Like all objects, there is room for error, and not all beds are made the same, but with the proper outlook and awareness, you can rest comfortably and be sure that you've made a high quality purchase.
Ben Weissman writes about using Platform Beds , Metal Beds and Hillsdale Furniture to create a beautiful bedroom at an affordable price. Make your bedroom a personal retreat.
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