Weekend To Do List

This past week for me has felt like one continual, frantic dash from sun-up Monday til sun-down Friday... I have been operating on a system of to-do-lists to do to-do-lists - such a busy bee!  So finally the week has drawn to a close and my thoughts are permitted to rest on more pleasurable things... here is a wish list of all the things I would love to do this weekend:

1. Hold hands with a boy (let's put the least attainable item at the very top!)

2. Ride a bike (at least this is within the realm of possibility)

3. Paint my nails different shades of pastel (strangely attracted to this idea)

4. Ride a ferris wheel (...... possibly while holding hands with a boy?)

5. Walk a dog in the sun (don't own one but will borrow....)

6. Hug a friend (easiest thing on my list - may do several times over for good measure!!!)

7. Turn my bedroom into a fairy wonderland of light, love and peace 


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Weekend To Do List
Weekend To Do List
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