2009 _ House _ DRCS_first proposal (canceled)

Architects: Armando Viana & Edgar Marinho
Location: Vila do Conde, Portugal
Usage: House
Total House area: 336.443m2
Total site area: 7523.685m2
Project date: 2009

The client wanted to build his dream house. 
The client wanted that his dream house should “watch” the Atlantic sea with an “L” typology house.
This house, located in a rural landscape at Guilhabreu - Vila do Conde, Portugal. 
The site is a small mountain, surrounded with rural roads. 
The proposal tries to open the main front over the sea, creating a broken volume that wants to adapt to the site, creating different views over the landscape.
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2009 _ House _ DRCS_first proposal (canceled)
2009 _ House _ DRCS_first proposal (canceled)
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