My hubby never ceases to amaze me. Most people think of engineers as being rather dull and boring, but once you get to know my John, he is anything but. We were once having a conversation about the young couple that more or less stepped into our shoes when we left Indonesia - filling John's position at work, moving into our house, even taking on our staff - when John said "That guy is one of the most talented engineers I've ever worked with." So I asked him, what makes a good engineer? Is it math skills, technical skills, people skills, or what?

"None of the above", he replied. "The one attribute that sets an engineer apart from all the rest would have to be imagination."

Perhaps that explains why John is still able to knock my socks off upon occasion, even after almost 40 years of knowing him. Imagination. For instance, imagine my surprise when I came home the other day and found this planter sitting on my terrace. No, he didn't buy it ready-made. Without the hint of a suggestion from me, he got inspired to take the base from an old copper fire-pit that had been rotting away behind the garage for several years now, drill holes for drainage in the bottom, then plant it up with this beautiful assortment of succulents. Just wait 'til they have a chance to fill in and spill over! That boy. He's really somthin', is he not?
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