Know what I really, really, really love? Blank pages. Blank journal pages. Blank sketchbook pages. And, most of all, blank datebook pages - something I haven't seen much of lately. It's all been good, but contrary to what most people believe, you can have too much fun. Or, at least, I can.

I'm not so sure about my friend Outdoor Woman. She doesn't seem happy unless she's got several back-to-back events on every page of her agenda, but even one per page is too much for me these days. I loved going to San Antonio with Lex on Sunday. The parade and our visitors from Dallas were great fun on Monday. Going to Heather's art show opening and out to dinner afterwards was a total blast last night, and I really don't mind covering for Cindy at the Bountiful Sprout today...and yet...there's just something about knowing I've got places I have to be, things I have to do, day after day, that gets me to feelin' kinda...twitchy. Out of sorts. Oppressed. Yes, I am ashamed to admit it, especially when I consider the kind of days my hubby has been having of late. But there it is, nonetheless. Too much fun has given me da blues.

When I get like this, there is one sure-fire cure. Blank pages. I just need to open my little datebook and see...nothing. One whole week's worth of completely empty squares would be just what the doctor ordered. Empty time. Empty space. Space that would allow spirit to roam freely, and do with me as it will, take me in whatever direction it might choose. That's what it means, you know, to "let the spirit move you." If you really want to be more creative, and experience the amazing things that can come as a result of this, all you have to do is give spirit a little time and space.

Alas, that won't be happening here. At least, not any time soon. That family reunion I keep referring to is only 9 days away, and par for the course, I haven't done one damn thing to prepare for it yet. But, sshhhhh!!! Don't tell my big sister that! She might just have a nervous breakdown!
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