Sorry I'm late. I was afraid to desert my post on the porch this morning. I had deer triplets foraging uncomfortably close to the Cantina Garden, sans adult supervision, and they seemed to be quite fearless. I called out to them several times, and they paused for a second to see where the voice was coming from, then went right back to their munching. Brazen little twits!

When I finally made it in here to my desk and glanced at my calendar, I realized I was even later than I thought, for it's not even Monday. It's Tuesday! Oops.

The picture above was taken in my favorite stall at Wimberley Market Days, a couple of months back. Having worked in merchandising for so long, I just can't resist an artfully arranged grouping of seemingly disparate items, and often feel compelled to snap a photo of it. Usually it is color that ties the pieces together. The merchants hereabouts are beginning to look at me kinda funny.
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