That's me, breathing a sigh of relief, now that the reunion is over and I can get back to my usual routine. Thought you might enjoy a few pictures of the B&B that my siblings stayed in while they were here. Well, actually, I guess it's just a "B", as no breakfast was involved. It's in that little white

country church that's just down the hill from us. Though the owners did some odd maneuverings to squeeze 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in there, and they forgot a few minor things like soap for the showers and enough towels to go around, they more than made up for it with ambience. The main living area is huge and has a casual elegance about it, with plenty of seating and a great bar for serving off of - much more spacious than my living area! Also, you just can't beat the location - with hammocks and swings overlooking a spillway on the creek. And who wouldn't love soaking in that claw-footed tub in the choir loft, with colored light spilling in through a stained glass window? But, I think I should warn you, when they said it sleeps eight? They were probably not expecting all but one of those to be adults!

It's funny how your life sorta goes "on hold" leading up to an event like this - the things that get postponed (such as doctor's appointments), the things that get stuffed into drawers and closets just to get them outta sight until you have more time to deal with them, and the routines and schedules that get tossed or ignored. Personally, I find this to be a very good thing. Just think what a rut we could dig for ourselves, if things never got shaken up a bit! Think what boring people we would become, if we followed our usual routine week after week, speaking to the same old people and telling the same old stories. Perhaps this is why I ended up here in the Hill Country - I just couldn't bear the thought of an endless stream of cookie-cutter days in a cookie-cutter neighborhood. Yep, routines are well and good but, quite often, the things that disrupt them are even better!
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