I am a rotten housekeeper, and I just don't understand it. I was raised by a family who set the highest value on never having a thing out of place. The house may not have been antiseptic clean, and no telling what was in the garage or in

the cabinets, but if anyone showed up at the door unexpectedly, they would never see a glass on the counter or a newspaper on the sofa.

Despite what you usually see in my blog photos, my house is not really like that. At all. I wish it were. I hate clutter, and find it very distracting, but I just don't seem to have the willpower to keep it properly under control. I used to blame it all on John and the kids, but either I was fooling myself, or somewhere along the way, I was drawn to the dark side.

I would love it if I never had to be embarrassed when someone drops by unexpectedly, but I guess I just don't love it enough. Every time I walk into a room and see some clutter that ought to be taken care of right away, I find myself thinking, "Well, I could do that right now, but no one's gonna see it today but me, and there's those new perennials to plant, and that story to write, and those pictures to draw, and that place to explore, and that river to float, and those brownies to bake, and that new yarn to knit..." And so, the newspapers stay on the coffee table, and the shoes by the door, and the glasses on the counter, until I know someone's coming over for sure - then I go a bit nuts trying to get it photo-shoot-perfect all at once.

I keep thinking I'll change my ways, turn over a new leaf, but what would that entail exactly? Would I really find life more enjoyable, if I somehow managed to turn my priorities around? What would life be like if the new Becky could glance at an empty sketchbook page and a boxful of colorful pencils and think "Yum! Shall I play with those for a while?", then glance over at some dusty knick-knacks and think "No, I'd rather take care of that instead"? Or, what if the Muses called up to say "Meet us at the Blue Hole in 15 minutes", and she always replied "Well, I'd love to, but there are a few weeds in the garden"...or some windows that need cleaning...or...? Would I really be happier? Would you read a blog about how nice and orderly my house is?

Well, you needn't worry about that ever coming to pass. In the meantime, it's a good thing I have friends like the Muses. I never have to fret about their unexpected visits...because I'm pretty sure what I'd find, if I happened to drop in on them.
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