Ski Lodge Love

This Falls Creek ski lodge is so typically un-Australian that I did a double take when I came across it today in the Australian Design Review.  Fjall Lodge was designed by Salter Architects and decorated by Hecker Phelan & Guthrie, a combination that has resulted in a spectacular end result.  The alpine colour scheme anchored by charcoal tones compliments the enigmatic feeling of the vaulted ceilings - LOVE it!

I'm a little pre-occupied with antlers at the moment... these ones are divine.

Bad photo but it shows the huge amount of natural light that the design allows to filter into the living area.

It's been all about window heights for me of late - this one is perfectly positioned!

The wide floorboards and cowhide provide the perfect organic antidote to classic furniture pieces.

Sheer drapes soften the contemporary edge of the furnishings.

This timber paneled wall is my favourite thing about the entire lodge - I just want to touch it!

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Ski Lodge Love
Ski Lodge Love
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