Today I came across the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi - the art of imperfect beauty.  For me (who is so drawn to things that are aged, flawed and full of time-worn character), the idea conceptualises everything I've ever found beautiful. 

Books & Bottles - I love you!

Essentially, Wabi-Sabi is a philosophy of aesthetics that revolves around the recognition of the transient nature of earthly possessions and the corresponding celebration of the process of aging.

Bunny Box full of treasures

Put simply, the impermanence and incompletion of all that surrounds us makes our lives more beautiful.

I have five rulers in my drawer, but this one is my favourite

Loosely translated, Wabi means "a taste for the simple and quiet" while Sabi refers to the "patina of age".

This rusted old ink stamp is now a door stop

Finally I have found a way of describing my passion for all that is pre-loved and imperfect in this world :)
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