HOW TO: Choose a Sofa for a Small Apartment

Studio and one-bedroom apartments tend to have living rooms that are tiny.  The biggest mistake you can make is choosing a sofa that is too large for the space - not only will it dwarf the room, it will also play havoc with traffic-flow.  Here are some tips to ensure you select a suitable sofa:

1. Avoid traditional high-backed sofas with large rounded arms and over-stuffed cushions as they are visually bulky.

2. Choose a neutral or pale coloured fabric - darker colours will instantly absorb light, making the room feel more crowded.

3. Modular sofas are rarely a good choice in small spaces as they take up a great deal of floor space.  However, if you must have a modular, be sure that they are only ever positioned into the corner of a room so the return doesn't 'float', creating an unnecessary barrier.

4. Low, narrow, streamlined sofas with metal legs are a good choice as they will promote a sense of openness.  

5. Avoid pattern at all costs - it will only create visual chaos.

6. Draw up a scaled plan of the room so you can see how much space you actually have - it is difficult to accurately visualise furniture in a room.
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HOW TO: Choose a Sofa for a Small Apartment
HOW TO: Choose a Sofa for a Small Apartment
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