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This blog will show beautiful house plans in kerala. If you are a builder, architect, civil engineer...Please send your own works to keralahomedesign@gmail.com And your contact info will come under your work photo for FREE!

I have Collected a list of Main Builders and Home planners of Kerala. If you are a Builder or Home Planner want to be listed please mail to :keralahomedesign@gmail.com

Abad Builders : http://www.abadbuilders.com

ABC Homes and Properties : http://www.abchomes.in

ABM Builders : http://www.abmbuildtech.in

AC City Projects Pvt. Ltd : http://www.accity.in

Access Builders and Developers : http://www.accessbuilders.in

ACE Corporation : http://www.acecorporation.in

Ace Structures & Builders : http://www.acestructures.com

Acme projects & Developers : http://www.acmeprojectsindia.com

Adam Builders : http://www.adamvillas.com

Alfa Ventures : http://www.alfaventures.com

Alhind Builders: http://www.alhindbuilders.com

Align Builders : http://www.alignbuilders.com

Alliance Dwellwell Projects Pvt. Ltd : http://www.alliance-living.com

Almark Housing Co. (P) Ltd (Santhi Homes) : http://www.santhihomes.com

Alpine Homes : http://www.alpinehomesindia.com

Alukkas Builders : http://www.alukkasbuilders.com

Amar Builders : http://www.amar-builders.com

Ambady Constructions : http://www.ambadyconstructions.com

Amity Projects (India) Pvt. Ltd : http://www.amityproject.com

Amrapali Group : http://www.amrapali.in

Anna Properties : http://www.annaproperty.com

Ansal Buildwell Ltd. : http://www.ansalgroup.com

Anvita Builders Pvt Ltd. : http://www.anvitabuilder.com

Anzera Properties : http://anzeraproperties.com

Apple A Day Properties Pvt. Ltd : http://www.appleadayproperties.com

Archives Constructions Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.archivesconstructions.com

Arsha Vaasthu Constructions : http://www.vaasthuconstructions.com

Artech Group Builders and Developers : http://www.artechrealtors.com

Asag Properties Private Limited : http://www.asagproperties.com

ASRA Builders : http://www.asrabuilders.com

Asset Homes: http://www.assethomes.in

Aswathy Housing Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.aswathyhousing.com

Athira Builders : http://www.athirabuilders.com

A2Z Builder Pvt Ltd : http://www.a2zgroup.biz/builders.htm

Basic-homes Builders and Developers : http://www.basichomeskerala.com

Bavasons Constructions : http://www.bavasonsconstruction.com

BCG Builders : http://www.bcgbuilders.com

Bhagheeratha builders : http://keralabuildersforum.org/html/k0490bhg.htm

Binlees Group Builders Developers : http://www.binlees.com

Bintel Constructions Pvt Ltd : http://www.bintelhomes.com

Blue Dot Constructions Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.bluedotconstructions.com

B Tech Builders : http://www.btechbuilders.com

Business India Builders and Developers Ltd : http://www.businessindiakochi.com

Carmel Builders Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.rklukosgroup.com/builders.html

Castle Homes : http://www.castlehomes.in

Ceeyem Builders and Appartments : http://ceeyem.in

Chakolas Habitat : http://www.chakolashabitat.net

Cheloor Property Development Projects Limited : http://www.cheloor.com

CVC Homes : http://housing.cherianvarkey.com

Clearway Builders Pvt. Ltd : http://www.clearwaybuilder.com

Condor Group LLC : http://www.thecondorgroup.com/india/index.html

Confident Group : http://www.confident-group.com

Conset Builders : http://www.consetbuilders.com

Coral Group : http://www.coralgroup.co.in

Cosmo Builders : www.cosmobuilder.com

Creative Builders : http://www.creativebuilders.in

Crescent Builders : http://www.crescent-builders.com

Cubix Builders : http://www.cubixbuilders.com

Daya KAP Developers : http://www.dayakap.com

Desai Homes : http://www.desaihomes.com

Dewa Projects Private Limited : http://www.dewaprojects.com Dewa Projects

Dharti Builders : http://www.dhartibuilders.com

Dinesh Builders : http://www.dineshbuilders.com

DLF Home Developers Ltd. : http://www.dlf.in DLF Cochin DLF Kakkanad

Dream Builders : http://dreams-builder.com

Elite Builders : http://www.elitebuilderscochin.com/contact.htm

Emmatty Towers : http://www.emmattyproperties.com

Empire Builders : http://www.empirebuilders.in

EssDee Housing Projects : http://www.essdeehomes.com

E V Homes : http://www.evhomes.net/city_palace.html

Express Housing Complex Pvt Ltd : http://www.expresshousing.com

Flair Home Projects Pvt. Limited : http://www.flairhomescochin.com

Forms Builders & Developers : http://www.formsbuilders.com

Fort Builders India Pvt Ltd. : http://www.fortbuilders.net

Fusion homes : http://www.fusionhomeskerala.com

Galaxy Homes : http://www.galaxyhomes.com

Galaxy builders : http://www.galaxy-builders.com

Gokulam Engineers India Pvt. Ltd : http://www.gokulam.com

Good Earth Estates: http://goodearthhomes.net

GP Developers : http://www.gpdevelopers.com

Grandeur Homes : http://www.grandeurhomes.net

Green Gate Project Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.greengategroup.com

Green Vistas Infrastructure Projects : http://www.greenvistas.net

Happy Constructions : http://www.happyconstructions.com

Harisree Builders & Developers : http://www.harisreebuilders.com

Harit Havens : http://www.harithavens.com

Heavenly Homes Pvt. Ltd : http://www.heavenlyhomeskerala.com

Heera Construction Company : http://www.heeragroup.com

Hi-Line Developers & Projects (P) Ltd. : http://www.theatriacochin.com

Hilite Builders : http://www.hilitebuilders.com

Holiday Group : http://www.holidaygroup.in

Holy Faith Builders & Developers : http://www.holyfaithbuilders.com

Homespect Builders : http://www.homespectbuilders.com

Homtok Builders : http://www.homtokkerala.com

Horizon Builders & Developers : http://www.horizonbuilders.co.in

Hoysala Projects Pvt Ltd : http://www.hoysalaprojects.com

Imperial Homes (India) Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.ihomes.in

Infra Housing : http://www.infrahousing.com

Iskcon Builders & Developers : http://www.iskconbuilders.com

Jain Housing and Constructions Limited : http://www.jainhousing.com

Jairaj Designer Homes (P) Ltd : http://www.jairaj.in

Jewel Homes Pvt. Ltd : http://www.jewelhomes.net

JGT Constructions : http://www.jgt.in/home.html

JJ&SS Construction : http://www.royalpalmgardens.com

Jomer Properties and Investments Pvt. Ltd : http://www.jomerproperties.com

JTL Projects (P) Ltd. : http://www.jtlprojects.com

Julphar Builders Pvt Ltd : http://www.julpharbuilders.com

Kallat Builders Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.kallatbuilders.com

Kalpaka Builders Pvt Ltd : http://www.kalpakabuilders.com

K.P Varkey and V.S Builders : http://www.kpvandvs.com

Kaizen Projects & Constructions : http://www.kaizenprojects.in

Kallat Builders Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.kallatbuilders.com

Kalpaka Builders Private Limited : http://www.kalpakabuilders.com

Kent Constructions Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.kentcoindia.com

KGL Builders (Korath Gulf Links Builders Pvt. Ltd.) : http://www.kglbuilders.com

Khalifa Builders and Developers Pvt Ltd : http://www.khalifabuilders.com

Kishorekumar Gokaldas Promoters and Developers : http://www.kgbuilders.com

Kottayam Construction Co. (P) Ltd. : http://www.kccktm.com

KPG Builders : http://www.kpgbuilders.com

Kristal Group : http://www.kristalgroup.com

Kripa Homes : http://www.kripahomes.com

Kunnel Projects Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.kunnel.com

Kuruvila Homes : http://www.kuruvillahomes.com

Landmark Builders : http://www.landmarkbuildersindia.com

Letaj Builders : http://www.letajbuilders.com

Lord Krishna Builders : http://www.lordkrishnabuilders.com

Lotus Builders : http://lotusbuilders.in

Maa Smart Villaage : http://www.livinmaa.com

Magnate Builders : http://www.magnatebuilders.com

Maha Mandiram Constructions : http://www.mahamandiram.com

Malabar hi-lite builders : http://www.malabarhilite.in

Malayil Builders : http://www.malayilbuilders.com

Manadath Homes Pvt. Ltd : http://www.manadathhomes.com

Manjooran Housing Development Company Pvt. Ltd : http://www.manjooran.com

Maruti Homes : http://www.marutirama.com

Mather Projects and Constructions Ltd : http://www.matherprojects.com

Mathewsons Builders : http://www.mathewsons.com/builders.htm

Maya Realtors Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.mayaprojects.com

Meadow Homes Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.meadowhomes.in

Meridian Homes : http://www.themeridianhomes.com

Miczak Builders : www.miczakbuilders.com

Mir Realtors : http://www.mirrealtors.in

Mission Builders & Consultants : http://www.missionbuilds.com

Mookambika Builders : http://www.mookambikabuilders.com

Moorthy Engineers & Builders : http://www.moorthybuilders.com

Muthoot Builders : http://www.muthootbuilders.com

My Home Villas & Apartments : http://www.myhomebuilders.in

Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd : http://www.nagarjunaproperties.com

Nagpal Builders : http://www.nagpalbuilders.com

National Builders and Developers : http://www.nationalbuilders.in

Navya Homes : http://www.navyahomes.com

NCC Urban Infrastructure Limited. : http://www.nccurban.com

NJK Builders Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.njkbuilders.com

Nikunjam Constructions Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.nikunjambuilders.com

Nirmiti Builders : http://www.nirmitikerala.com

Nitesh Estates Pvt. Ltd : http://www.niteshestates.com Nitesh Estates

Noa Estates : http://www.noaestates.com

Noble Builders : http://www.noblehomes.co.in

Noel Villas : http://www.noelvillas.com

Nutech Constructions : http://www.nutechconstructions.com

Oceanus Dwellings (P) Ltd. : http://www.oceanus.co.in Oceanus

Olive Builders : http://www.olivebuilder.com

Omega Heritage : http://www.omegaheritage.com

Orion Realtors & Developers : http://www.orionrealtors.com

Palace Builders : http://www.palacebuilders.in

Pallippat Builders : http://www.pallippatbuilders.com

Panjos Builders Pvt Ltd : http://www.panjos.com

Parappilly builders : http://www.parappilly.com

Pareckattil Builders : http://www.pareckattil.com

Parthasaradhy properties Private Limited : www.parthasaradhy.com

Presidency Homes : http://www.presidencyhomes.com

Prestige Group : http://www.prestigeconstructions.com

Pentagon Builders : http://www.pentagonbuilders.com

Pentark Builders & Developers : http://www.pentarkhomes.com

Pentium Construction Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.pentiumconstructions.in

Poorna Homes : http://poornahomes.com

Prime Property Developers : http://www.ppdindia.com

PTC Group : http://www.ptcbuilder.com

Pukalakkat Properties Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.pukalakkat.com

Pulikkal Constructions : http://www.pulikkalconstructions.com

Pallathu Builders & Engineers India Private Limited : http://www.pallathubuilders.com

Puravankara Projects : http://www.puravankara.com

PVS Apartments : http://www.pvsapartments.com

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